Myth of Self-Deleting FAR Clauses

Have you ever heard of the SELF-DELETING clause? Sounds magical. Mystical. Mysterious. There is no such thing as a self-deleting clause Did you notice how I said some dirty tricks come about from ignorance or incompetence? The infamous myth of the “self-deleting clause” is a prominent example. There is no such thing as a self-deleting […]

Requests for Equitable Adjustment, Change Orders, and Constructive Changes

What is a constructive change? A constructive change is a doctrine of law invented by judges that protects your company from getting “ripped off.” If the contracting officer’s words, writings, communications, acts, or failure to act causes your company to make changes under the contract—even though there was no formal change order—the doctrine of constructive […]

What is the difference between past performance and experience in government contracts?

The difference between past performance and experience is simple. Experience evaluates whether your company in the past did something relevant to the upcoming government contract. Past performance evaluates how well your company performed, not just whether it did something. If experience is a record of your attendance at school, past performance is the report card. […]

Government Contracts Expert Witness Christoph Mlinarchik of Christoph LLC

Government Contracts Expert Witness Christoph Mlinarchik of Christoph LLC shares his path to success! Millions plan, yet few succeed. The difference might be intermediate planning—i.e., the steps that come between your life as you know it and your future goals. Have you ever thought of being an expert witness in government contracting, hired by attorneys […]

Secrets of Superstar Government Contractors

Superstar government contractors have a few things in common. Read more to find out the secrets of how to be successful in federal contracting. The contracting profession is staring down a demographic cliff– much of the experienced acquisition workforce will soon retire. To fill this leadership void, the next generation must stand and deliver. This […]

Research Resources for Government Contract Proposal Managers

There are four sources of authority which every federal proposal professional must understand and be able to explain to clients. These market research resources for government contract proposal managers are statute, regulation, policy, and court decisions. You need to know these concepts because they affect the request for proposal (RFP) or solicitation format, offer and […]

Other Transaction Authority: Flexible Government Contracting for Innovative Technology

Other Transaction Authority is a flexible technique to acquire innovative technology and avoid many problems of government contracts. We all know government acquisitions are slow. New fighter planes, tanks, and battleships can take ten to fifteen years to develop and field. By then, the technology is no longer state-of-the-art. We all know government contracts are […]

Other Transaction Authority in Government Contracting

Do you have questions about Other Transactions (OTs) or Other Transaction Authority (OTA)? Contact to get expert advice in this field. Christoph is heavily involved in Other Transactions, tracks the latest changes, and knows where to go for innovative research and development (R&D) contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and Other Transactions. Keep in mind this article was […]

How to Write a Contracting Officer Final Decision for Government Contract Claims

Include all the required elements of a Final Decision of a Government Contract Claim The Contracting Officer’s Final Decision (hereafter “Final Decision”) is an incredibly important document because it is the Government’s initial response to a contractor’s claim under the Contract Disputes Act. It serves as the Government’s opening move in the claim process and sets the stage for future litigation. […]

Government Contracting Reform, Pentagon Reorganization, and the Section 809 Panel

Government contracting reform is on the table, along with the Pentagon reorganization, and the acquisition reform recommendations of the Section 809 Panel! Congress wants federal contracting reform. That’s why they created the Section 809 Acquisition Reform Panel in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2016. Congress is also frustrated with the way […]